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Beach Cupcake Topper

Our Beach cupcake to are enticing alternative to add a little bit of excitement to your event! These rings are set of 12 sand seashells and will add a touch of elegance to your Beach party, they're a splendid gift or addition to your fashion line and make a valuable addition to your curriculum vitale.

Tropical Beach Party Decoration
Summer Beach  Sugar Top Decor - Sun, Sunglasses, Flip flops, Pail, Ball,  24 pk
Summer Beach  Sugar Top Decor - Sun, Sunglasses, Flip flops, Pail, Ball,  12 pk

Summer Beach Sugar Top Decor



Surf Boards w/ Graphics (24)  Cupcake Topper Decoration Beach

Surf Boards w/ Graphics (24)

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Ice Cream Cone (25) Cupcake

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Tropical Cake Topper Hawaiian Cake Topper Poptop Beach

Beach Cupcake Toppers

The Beach cupcake toppers come in a set of 12 colors! The colors represent the colors of the mermaid tails: green, red, blue, yellow, green, red, blue, and purple, the set is conjointly filled with 12 round cups, each with a different color. The cups run the gamut from small (or small), medium, large, and extra-large, kb a valuable addition to each outfit, the Beach cupcake toppers add a touch of color and interest to each outfit. This is a practical birthday decoration for your Beach party! The hawaii tropical cake Topper is a valuable substitute to add a touch of tropical flavor to your party, plus, it can be used as a Beach party favors or as a top of table decoration. This Topper is produced with high-quality materials and is sure to impress! This cupcake Topper is a top-grade addition to your Beach party, it is manufactured with 6 palm trees with coconuts cake topper. The Topper is moreover a splendid addition to help with dehydration control in the sun, the Beach cupcake Topper is sensational for your Beach party. It's a delicious and fun substitute to add excitement to your party, the cupcakes are covered in delicious ice cream and filled with treats for the guests to take home.