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Grateful Dead Cupcake Toppers

Our Grateful Dead cupcake toppers are peerless for shoppers who appreciate a peerless above and below earth things, with fun and colorful designs, these cupcake toppers make top-of-the-heap gifts for someone Grateful for the good in life.

Best Grateful Dead Cupcake Toppers

This Grateful Dead cupcake topper is an unequaled alternative to make your cupcake experience special! These cupcake toppers are 12 Grateful Dead cupcakes that are covered in delicious, delicious cheese and olive oil, the bears are dancing and playing without any of the butter or sugar to add flavor. They are Grateful Dead and is outstanding for the autumn season, the Grateful Dead cupcake toppers are peerless surrogate to appreciate the wonderful moments living life. These cupcake toppers come with 12 Grateful Dead syrups that you can use to top your cupcake toppers, the syrups are white sugar, baking soda, and vinegar. You can use them on your cupcake toppers to top with friends or family members, they will be Grateful themselves! This Grateful Dead cupcake topper is a must-have for any cupcake lover's toolkit! The vibrant colors andattachéd cupcake toppers make these a sure thing to make your cupcake collection a thing of the past again! This 12 Grateful Dead cupcake topper is a top-of-the-line alternative to Grateful for the dead! The bear is dancing and the cupcakes are toasted, making a beautiful red and orange decor for your birthday party.