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Jurassic Park Cupcake Toppers

This fun and funny cupcake topper is excellent for lovers who admire the Jurassic Park movie! Simply put, it's a fun and funny cupcake topper that will make you and your friends.

Jurassic Park Cupcake Toppers Amazon

Aggravating your friends with your topiary of Jurassic Park cupcakes? Get your revenge by putting a piece of Jurassic Park cupcake to top your cupcake topper! This holographic cupcake topper is valuable for making everyone you know hate you! This Jurassic Park cupcake topper set of 10 is sensational for adding a touch of excitement to your event with its three inch diameter and small amount of plastic, the set includes a cake decorating heart, four cupcake toppers in different colors, and a fertilized egg. 11"x13" Jurassic Park cupcake toppers with a variety of cupcake textures and colors, each topper is wrapped in a beautiful red and orange with a Jurassic Park symbol on top. The toppers are finished with a bright red and orange and a Jurassic Park symbol on top, these 12 Jurassic Park world edible paper cupcake cookie toppers are unequaled set of 12 to add to your Jurassic Park cupcake topper set! They are exceptional addition to your cupcake topper set and will make your cupcake look great! These cupcake toppers are made of 100% natural paper and are machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. They are also hand-stainable for a top and unique cupcake topper look.