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Mamma Mia Cupcake Toppers

This delicious personalised cake topper is practical for individuals who adore cupcakes! You can choose to have a bit of something sweet or you can get a little bit the little wafer paper toppers are first-class for a more impactful look, while the icing with sugar and bacon is admire at first site.

Mamma Mia Cupcake Toppers Ebay

This personalised Mamma Mia cake topper icing is enticing for adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen décor, it is manufactured with white wafer paper and gives a fried dough top and bottom. The opines you are first rate addition to each kitchen and looks beneficial with any decor, our Mamma Mia cake topper is an exceptional way to add a touch of luxury to your event. This cupcake topper is topper mia-ized with delicious cupcake icing and is top-grade for a special occasion, the white wafer paper topper makes it a very special event, this is a personalised Mamma Mia cake topper icing or wafer paper topper. It is splendid for your cake or cupcake, it comes with a personalised text on the top about person or event that you topped the cake. It is a top-rated way for shoppers scouring for an unique and convenient surrogate to add a personalised element to their kitchen atmosphere, the topper can be stuck on using our basic to adopt and quick to make topper making process.